Universal Avícola S A S is a family business established in 1996, we concentrate on keeping a competent and trustworthy technical support team committed to maintaining our credibility and good name. Honesty is the base of our company values, we offer products and services that better suit our customer needs through a diligent, courteous, ethical and professional assistance.


Aware of the importance of responding promptly to our customers’ needs and requests, we rely on a logistic structure designed to provide rapid order delivery and technical support, specialized in the areas of the country where the poultry industry is prevalent.


Our technical support department is led by a professional with more than 30 years of experience in the poultry industry who is widely recognized in the country due to his knowledge of breeders, layers and broilers.

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Preventive programs, diagnostics and treatment

Our technical support team will be available not only develop sanitary prevention programs that adjust to each client but also to assist on incidents or emergencies to recommend timely and relevant courses of treatment.

Technical support

Our sales team is made up of veterinary doctors, this allows us to provide professional support and services that differentiate our offer.

Evaluation of zootechnical parameters

Our technical support team offers visits to assist customers in determining their needs so that zootechnical measures can be implemented to maximize sustainability, competitiveness and profitability.